Dried Flower Crown


Each of our Dried flower crowns are one of a kind, designed using an array of flowers that are dried in our studio over months. While a dried crown can be used more then once unlike fresh flower crowns they are very delicate and need to be treated as such. If they are treated well you can use your crown over and over. Contact us with your colour scheme in mind you and we can custom make your crown at hello@thelocalbunch.com.au or here.


While we do have some dried flowers on hand, the more notice you give us the more likely it will be that we can provide you with your specific colour palette as flowers can take weeks to over a month to dry.  


Caring instructions: Keep the flowers away from any type of moisture, as flowers will become more delicate in humidity. Never expose flowers to water or rain, as they can be badly damage. After using it, keep it in a safe location, away from heat/cold and direct sun light. Crowns can be reshaped, as the base is a wire. Never manipulate them roughly, as some flowers may get damaged, break or fall. Remember, they are still natural flowers so please handle them with care and treat them like you would treat fresh flowers.