Who is The Local Bunch?

Many of you have wondered who put all of The Local Bunches fabulous flower arrangements together on the daily. Well here’s a little extra info..
Hi I’m Caity, I am a born and bred Adelaidian. While I haven’t always lived in Adelaide due to living abroad, I’ve always felt that there’s no place quite like calling Adelaide home. The term Boomerang Effect seems fitting because I’ve always known that I would come back but I needed something interesting to do to stick around, which turns out to be The Local Bunch.

I’ve always been a very creative and visual person but finding some use of these skills in a workplace has been quite difficult until now. I started The Local Bunch out of needing to have a creative and hands on job. While I’ll admit I don’t love the early mornings, I do extremely love going to the flower market each day to select only the freshest and most spectacular flowers available. I’ve greatly enjoyed creating my own unique and modern style of flower arrangements through using unusual flowers and foliage.

When I started The Local Bunch I had to think about what values I wanted my brand to have. The biggest issue about the flower industry is the environmental impact from the packaging used. So I’ve chosen to focus The Local Bunch on being as environmentally friendly as possible. With so much unnecessary plastic being used on excess in the industry I wanted to try a different approach. While most of our flowers come in plastic (which is recycled) I have chosen to not use any and only use biodegradable or recycled packaging. Using eco-friendly packaging isn’t the cheapest way to run a business but I hope you can see the greater value in the packaging we use.

On a final note!! I have a feeling many of you may think that The Local Bunch is a bigger business than it really is. I started this business earlier this year and I currently work solo from my shed studio and while I really hope to grow TLB I am still just a micro business. So I truly appreciate everyone who purchases my flowers and supports what TLB does. I literally do an internal happy dance everytime!! So thankyou for supporting The Local Bunch.


Owner/ Floral Designer of The Local Bunch.

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