How to keep your cut Flowers Fresh! (And not kill them too quickly)

How to keep your cut Flowers Fresh!
(And not kill them too quickly)

Receiving flowers for many people brings a smile to their face and happiness to their home. But often after receiving flowers you’ll find them a nice vase, the perfect spot in your house and then leave them be, possibly replace the water once and then leave them to wilt and die.

As soon as you receive your flowers they will need to be placed in a squeaky clean vase full of fresh cold water. But just before placing them in the water it is best to trim the stems with sharp scissors, secateurs or a sharp knife (must be sharp to get a clean cut that doesn’t crush the stems). Flower stems once exposed to air will create a seal which prevents water from being absorbed properly. Retrim stems each time you remove them from water.

Choosing the perfect place to display your flowers will depend on a few things. Never keep them near a heater or aircon, anywhere where it is drafty or directly next to a window. All of these things will impact the lifespan of your flowers. Also never keep them next to a bowl of fruit because as fruit ripens they produce small amounts of ethylene gas which speeds up the dying process of your flowers.

After 2-3 days you will need to remove your flowers from the vase, cleaning the vase with a touch of detergent before refilling with water. Trim the flower stems a few centimeters (or above where its slimy) before putting back into water. Repeat this every 2-3 days or more often if you see that the water has become cloudy.

You’ll notice that some of your flowers will fade much quicker than others. If this is the case then remove these dying flowers from your vase otherwise they speed up the aging process in the remaining flowers.

All of our bunches come with a small flower care card which summarizes the above information so that every bunch we deliver has the best chance to be thoroughly enjoyed for as long as possible. Never forget the power of a kind gesture, we all need a touch of beauty in our lives and sometimes that’s simply a beautiful and thoughtful flower bouquet.

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