Dried flowers make an ideal gift or keepsake.

The Local Bunch creates beautiful dried flower arrangements in Adelaide.

Dried flowers make an ideal gift or keepsake as they are:

  • completely natural flowers which are 100% eco-friendly.
  • they are much more economical than fresh flowers because they last longer
  • selected from seasonal high quality fresh and beautiful flowers that look great when dried
  • good value for money
  • their long lifespan makes these flowers useful for many things. For example, for wedding decoration or bouquets that are made with dried flowers so that they can be kept as a memento of the special day.
  • flowers brighten up your home or office and compliment your home decor & design
  • flowers make you feel better by he way they look, smell and feel.

Our arrangements are completely handmade and we used willow sticks to weave the wreath and dried native flowers and foliage to complete the look.

As The Local Bunch is an eco-friendly florist we wanted to make dried flower arrangements that would last and because all of the flowers have been dried they will last forever.

Each of our Dried flower arrangements are one of a kind and are designed using a large array of flowers that are dried in our studio over months.

The Local Bunch offers dried flowers including free delivery in Adelaide to over 200 suburbs.

View our current range of dried flowers for sale

Do you love our unique daily bunches but want something a little bit more customized?

The Local Bunch also offers custom flower vase arrangements and other flower displays for events, birthday parties, formal and sympathy flowers for funerals. We can also make Formal wrist corsages and custom flower crowns. Inquire today at custom orders or drop us an email or sms.

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